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What types of products do you offer?

I offer cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cakesicles, decorated sugar cookies, macarons, pies, and more.

How many people does a particular cake serve?

I have a helpful graphic on the custom cakes page for round and square tiered cakes that would also apply to single tiers. Regarding sheet cakes, a quarter sheet would feed 24, a half sheet would feed 48, and a full sheet cake would feed 96 with 2”x2” servings.

Do you offer delivery and, if so, where do you deliver?

I do offer delivery and currently, charge $0.35/mile roundtrip for that service. For example, if the delivery location were 20 miles from my home then I would charge $0.35/mile at 40 miles for a total delivery charge of $14.00. I routinely deliver to venues that are 60+ miles away from my home and will even meet you halfway if you would prefer to help cut down on your trip as well as save on delivery cost.

Do you offer any products for customers with food allergies?

I do offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free options and am always willing to investigate other alternative recipes for customers with various allergies.

What are your payment requirements and what methods of payment are accepted?

When you are interested in placing an order, I will collect information from you regarding what type of product(s) you need, size/quantity, etc., and provide you with a quote for that. If you decide you would like me to place you on my schedule, I will request an email address and send you an invoice using Square. For small orders, such as a dozen cookies or a small birthday cake, I require a 50% deposit with the order to be paid in full at least one week before pickup/delivery.

For larger orders, most commonly wedding orders, I require a 50% deposit to book and hold your place, with the remaining 50% due one month before the pickup/delivery date. The Square invoice will allow you to pay securely online using a credit/debit card, but you always have the option to pay with another platform that we both have, such as PayPal or CashApp.

What is your cancellation policy, and do you offer refunds?

For smaller orders that cancel before the one-week-prior payment due date but within one month of the pickup/delivery date, I will refund all but 25%. For example, if the customer has paid 100% of their order and cancels two weeks prior to pickup/delivery, I will refund 75%. If the customer has only paid their 50% deposit and cancels two weeks prior to pickup/delivery, I will refund 50% of their deposit which still means I am refunding all but 25% of the full amount that would have been due. If the order is canceled more than one month before the pickup/delivery date, then I will refund the order 100%. For larger orders like weddings, if the order is canceled before the one-month-prior payment due date then I will refund all but 25% of the total amount that would have been due.

If the order is canceled within the last month prior to pickup/delivery, then only 50% will be refunded to the customer. For any orders that are canceled by Southern SweetArt due to an unavoidable conflict, such as accident or illness, a full refund will be issued. In the case of natural disasters/severe weather (tornadoes, flooding, significant ice/snow), I will make an attempt to reschedule you to a date that is agreeable to both parties or offer for you to use the amount paid at that point as a credit towards a future order.

How far in advance do I need to book?

This is a tricky question that is hard to answer. Being that I am currently the only “employee”, my schedule is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. I may have an opening for the very next week while the following two weekends are filled and cannot have any orders added. It is best to check availability when inquiring about an order and I try to keep a “booked through” date on my Facebook page for easy reference. There may be dates past that which are filled/unavailable, but it at least lets customers know I cannot accept any orders prior to that date.

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